GBPCHF remains at the better rates of 2017

The pound to Swiss Franc rate remains at some of the better levels of 2017 as the market shrugs off the UK triggering Article 50 and embraces what lies ahead. The Swiss Franc could now be at more risk from geopolitical concerns emanating from the US’s action directed to Syria. The Swiss Franc is a safe haven currency which means it strengthens in times of economic uncertainty. The coming weeks could see further military action which might raise global concerns over a future war, this would weigh heavily on the Franc if there were further actions.

The Franc is stronger in times of political uncertainty as investors become fearful about what will be taking place up ahead. With investors looking to protect their investments, it is perfectly reasonable to expect the Franc would be stronger if the situation escalates further. Therefore clients holding the Franc could be looking at better levels in the future. Clients looking to buy Frances might find the rate would get worse if they were holding on hoping for improvements.

The most likely outcome over the coming months and weeks is for the pound to find some further troubled waters too as negotiations for the UK to leave the EU are to begin. If you have a transfer to consider involving the pound to Franc exchange rate then the best way forward is to be conscious of future events which could influence your rate. It does appear that the pound will struggle further so CHF buyers should be very pleased to see the rates in their favour still.

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