GBP/EUR breaks 1.17 as services sector remains strong, will the pair hit 1.20? (Joseph Wright)

GBP EUR Rebounds on UK Employment Figures

The UK economy was given a boost yesterday as data showed that its most important sector is performing well.

Economists had anticipated growth in the UK’s services sector but the figure came out higher than they had expected, and the reason Sterling saw a boost of the back of this data release is because the services sector accounts for around 75% of the UK’s economy.

For this reason data releases reflecting the health of this area of the economy can result is swings within GBP exchange rates. Due to the UK entering what could be considered a sensitive time as Brexit is now underway I expect to see these figures followed closely and I think we may see dips within the Pounds value should these figures disappoint.

Another news release which could be watched closely is Gross Domestic Product figures as these will also reflect the health of the UK economy. The next release comes out tomorrow at 1pm and the expectation is for a figure of 0.6% so expect any major deviations from this figure to result in swings within GBP/EUR exchange rates.

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