Pound rises against the Swiss Franc to 1 month high (Tom Holian)

The Pound has made gains vs the Swiss Franc recently and this has seen the Pound hit its highest level in a month following the uncertainty caused by what could have happened with the triggering of Article 50.

Indeed, Sterling has made gains against all major currencies this week as the market is now turning the focus towards what is happening in the economy rather than focusing on the political situation.

The UK economy has shown signs of resilience recently with better than expected Retail Sales data and with tomorrow’s NIESR GDP estimate due to come out I think we could see some positive figures and in my opinion I think we’ll see the Pound make some gains after the announcement.

Although the GDP figures are not from the Office for National Statistics they are usually very accurate and give an up to date account of how the UK economy is performing.

It appears as though the UK has shrugged off potential Brexit fears and this is likely to be demonstrated in tomorrow’s figures.

This morning we also saw inflation fall lower in Switzerland and this has caused the Swiss Franc to weaken vs the Pound.  Indeed, Sterling vs the Swiss Franc is now trading in excess of 1.25 on the Interbank level.

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