What will move GBPCHF in the future?

A large driver on the pound to Swiss Franc rate has of course been the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit and with the talks starting this week, this factor will continue to be key to determining where we head next on the currency markets. Overall impressions for the pound are negative whilst the Swissie continues to benefit from its safe haven status and its close relationship to the Euro. As with any currency against sterling at present the pound is on the back foot, if you have a transfer to make buying Francs an understanding of the market is crucial since the next week could see some key developments.

With this pairing the fluctuations are such that maximising the best deal is really achieved through careful monitoring of the market and close analysis of the trends. We aim to keep our clients up to date and help them to trade at the higher rates of the day or week through careful monitoring of the developments in the market.

If you are buying Francs I think a careful approach is necessary since the overall belief is that the pound will struggle. This puts clients looking to buy Francs at the weaker end with clients looking to buy pounds with Swissies in the driving seat. Of course there can easily be surprises on the markets and with all the news surrounding the outlook on sterling a surprise bounce back cannot be ruled out.

If you need to buy or sell the pound or Franc then looking at the market currently will be a reason for concern. If you wish to run through how to capitalise on the improvements and avoid the pitfalls then please speak to me Jonathan Watson to learn more by emailing [email protected]. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.