Bank of Canada raise Interest Rate (Daniel Johnson)

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

Rate Hike by 0.25%

The Bank of Canada yesterday raised rates  from 0.5% to 0.75%. This has been the first rise in rates in seven years.  The justification  for the hike was strong growth across all industries and there is confidence that these levels can be sustained. Sterling has weakened against the Canadian Dollar as a result now sitting at 1.64.

Stephen Poloz the Governor of the Bank of Canada has stated however that there is no intention for further hikes for the foreseeable future, the rate will be dictated by economic data, particularly inflation and I think wew ill have to see a significant movement in order to warrant any further hikes.

Inflation levels are currently sitting below the Bank of Canada’s target of 2% and this hike has come as a somewhat surprise and the markets have reacted accordingly.

Why raise rates when Oil is falling heavily in price?

It is a surprise that they have mad such a hike when oil prices are tanking. Oil is Canada’s biggest export, making up 20% of all exports. OPEC are struggling to keep  a lid on supply. With OPEC members flooding the market and devaluing oil this could mean big trouble for the Canadian dollar.

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