Best rate to buy Canadian Dollars with Pounds this week (Tom Holian)

Pound to Canadian Dollar Drifts Lower as Global Sentiment Improves

The rate to buy Canadian Dollars with Pounds is now trading at its best level in a week in what has been a rather mixed period in terms of economic data.

UK GDP which was published on Wednesday showed that growth in the UK stayed firm at the expectation of 1.7%.

The estimate was the first release for the second quarter and as this quarter covered both the triggering of the Brexit negotiations and the general election the data announcement was key for what happened to GBPCAD exchange rates during this week.

Arguably today could be ones of the biggest days for anyone with a Canadian Dollar requirement coming up as US GDP data is published at 130pm UK time.

As the US is the biggest trading partner with Canada any signs of a slowdown could see some problems for the Canadian Dollar so if you’re looking to send money to Canada could this be the key catalyst for an improved rate if US GDP comes out lower than expected.

US inflation is also due for release on Wednesday and my feeling is that there has been a little slowdown in the US which in turn could be reflected in the data and if this does happen we could see some small gains for the Pound vs the Canadian Dollar.

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