Can GBP/NZD breach 1.80? (Daniel Johnson)

The pound has rallied against the New Zealand Dollar following news from the US. Trump failed to replace Obama’s Affordable Health Care act and investor’s lost faith in the republican party’s ability to push through legalisation.

This was welcome news for Sterling considering the falls we have witnessed for Sterling against the New Zealand Dollar of late. Political and economic uncertainty have weighed down heavily on the pound. The threat to Teresa May’s position does nothing to help the situation and Brexit negotiations currently look very problematic. In my opinion they will have to ease us into a soft brexit in order to not cause public outrage. It is vital for a firm stance to be taken on the UK’s Brexit agenda, not knowing anything will keep the pound weak.

Once the stance is revealed and a deal starts to become more apparent I think GBP/NZD has the potential to break 1.80, which is currently a resistance point.

UK Inflation data is due out tomorrow and this has potential to cause volatility on GBP/NZD. Inflation is currently at 2.9% some way below average wage growth at 1.8%. If the gap widens consumers may be more reluctant to part with their hard earned money and then there is potential for a recession.

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