Sterling drops steeply in some cases hitting an 8-month low, will the Pound continue to fall? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling has reached new lows against many major currencies during today’s trading session, as the Pound is still coming under pressure after some disappointing data released earlier this week.

Sentiment towards the Pound is running low after the all important inflation data came out below expectations by 0.3%, and immediately after this news release the Pound dropped quite dramatically as the markets interpreted this news as negative.

The reason for this is many had hoped for an interest rate hike from the Bank of England which would likely have resulted in a boost to the Pounds value, as we’ve previously seen the Pound climb when members of the Bank of England have indicated that there is potential for a rate hike this year.

With inflation quite considerably above the Bank of England’s 2% it was looking likely that the BoE would need to act, but with inflation pressures easing this is now less likely hence the drop in the Pounds value.

Brexit talks are also taking place at the moment between Brexit Secretary David Davis along with his European counterparts, and I think that anyone with a currency requirement involving the Pound should be aware of this as there could be a sudden news release that moves the markets.

It’s worth noting that the Pound hit an 8-month low against the Euro today, so if you’re planning on making a trade between this pair it’s certainly worth getting in touch for a 2nd opinion.

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