Mixed start to the week for Sterling so far, what factors could impact the Pound to Euro rate this week? (Joseph Wright)

GBPEUR Lower After IFO Business Report

The Pound has begun the week with no clear sense of direction as its performance is mixed against the major currency pairs this morning.

This is likely due to financial markets awaiting news on the five new papers on Brexit that will be released this week. Last week there was a release of the first white paper which covered the freedom of movement between through the Northern Irish border which resulted in a slight boost to the Pounds value.

Inflation data last week disappointed resulting in less likelihood of a rate hike from the Bank of England this year which was Sterling negative, so moving forward I think those hoping for a boost to the Pound’s value will hope the markets receive news of the five new white papers as positive.

With Brexit negotiations apparently beginning badly and Brexit Secretary David Davis implying that the European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier is getting a bit ‘fed up with us’ I think there needs to be a real positive for the UK in order to give Sterling a much needed boost, especially now that GBP/EUR is trading below 1.1o.

Aside from the five Brexit papers we’re waiting on there will be Public Sector Net Borrowing figures for July released tomorrow at 9.30am which could impact rates. Then at 9.30am on Thursday UK GDP figures will be released with 1.7% growth the expectation Year on Year. Expect any deviations form this figure to have the potential to move the markets.

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