UK inflation to impact sterling exchange rates this week

Tuesday morning at 9.30am, the UK release their latest inflation numbers and this economic data release is set dictate sterling exchange rates for the remainder of the week.

Last month inflation fell from 2.9% to 2.6% and the pound lost value against all of the major currencies. As the pound has plummeted in value since the UK public decided to vote out of the EU, economists were under the impression inflation would continue to rise above 3%.

The reason why the pound lost value is because the Bank of England were under pressure to intervene and now that inflation has dropped the chances of interest rates rising anytime soon diminishes.

For first time readers when a central bank hints towards raising interest rates or actually decides to raise the base rate, additional investment normally flows into that currency and therefore there is more demand and the currency strengthens.

Im optimistic this week that UK inflation will remain at 2.6% or will actually improve to 2.7% or 2.8% and therefore the pound will slightly strengthen. Therefore if you are purchasing a foreign currency this week I would certainly wait until Tuesday and then make a decision there after.

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