Will GBPEUR hit parity?

This is the big question at the moment on investors lips as the pound continues to struggle and the Euro continues to gain in value. Overall there is an expectation that the pound will eventually rise but with the strength of the pound being inextricably linked to the developments on Brexit, we could be waiting quite some time!

In the absence of any new news the pound will likely continue to remain weak, investors will be very cautious over the UK and the pound until they have some news about just what Brexit means. With some analysts predicting much more of a transitional ‘softer’ Brexit is likely, the outlook for the GBPEUR rate could be much better longer term. However I really do feel it will get worse before it gets better.

I think predictions of parity are probably overdone, the market is already pricing in much worse news for the UK and much better news for the Eurozone. There are now a number of potential twists and turns which could see this rate change quickly, notably the strength of the Euro is not in the ECB’s interest. The European Central Bank might find a very strong Euro actually starts to hamper economic growth and this will lead to wider concerns and potentially undo all the great work that has been achieved in restoring confidence in the Eurozone.

For now the market looks like it will favour the Euro over the pound so sellers of Euros wishing to buy pounds might find that rates continue to get better, however of course, this will not just keep going. Sometimes it is just when the market looks like it is going in one direction that all of a sudden there is a surprise and the rates quickly change.

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