BOE cause Sterling Spike (Daniel Johnson)

Is a rate hike by the BOE justified?

Sterling has strengthened against the majority of major currencies of late. The most significant catalyst has been the indication of a potential rate hike from the Bank of England (BOE). Mark Carney the governor of the BOE announced there is there may be call for  a rate hike in the coming months. I always take the words of central bankers with a pinch of salt, but on this occasion investors bit. It is now deemed there is a 50% chance of a rate hike by November and a rate hike has been factored in for before February next year.

The justification for the potential hike however is somewhat misleading. Inflation has been given as a positive for the UK economy, currently sitting at 2.9%, however inflation is only healthy for an economy if average wage growth is growing at a similar rate, it is not, average wage growth fell to 2.1%, something the BOE swept under the carpet.

Unemployment levels have also been cited a s reason behind a rate hike. With many believing the hype about the best figures for 42 yrs, let us not forget however that a significant amount of those employed now are on zero hour contacts.

Be wary of hoping for a continued rally for Sterling. I am of the opinion a rate hike is not a given, nor is it a solution to the UK’s woes. Clarity over Brexit is and with the key issues such as citizens’ rights, the exit bill and trade agreements yet to be addressed I would not have faith in large gains for Sterling.

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