GBP/EUR Back Under 1.09 (Ben Fletcher)

This afternoon the GBP/EUR rate had one of its most volatile days in months. The European Central Bank provided their latest interest rate decision which as expected saw the rate remain at 0%. However in the statement afterwards President Mario Draghi’s speech caused major volatility, significantly helping the Euro find support against Sterling and the US Dollar. Draghi did stay fairly close to the expected narrative saying that there could changes to economic policy, however they’re there just yet. One consideration for the future that Draghi raised was continuous Euro strength culd we have consequences in the short term

The cost of exports will increase with the currency and may encourage importers from other regions to look elsewhere for goods. This will eventually have an effect on the Eurozone economy and potentially could cause inflation to slow down. Whilst there isn’t expected to be a interest rate hike in the EU for a considerable time, a decrease in inflation would be incredibly detrimental especially considering the amount of stimulus that has gone into forcing a rise.

The Euro strength may continue and unless Sterling gains some support in positive Brexit talks the market isn’t likely to move much in my opinion. However if the Euro weakens and the Brexit talks do stat to slowly find some resolve then we may not be far to breaking back through the 1.10 level.

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