Mario Draghi to influence pound vs euro exchange rates

GBP EUR Looks to Employment Figures for Support

Tomorrow afternoon the European Central Bank will release their latest interest rate decision alongside the Presidents speech. No change in interest rates is expected therefore rates should remain at 0%, however it’s the statement by Mario Draghi that could have a major impact on pound v euro exchange rates.

Many economist believe there is a chance that the President could elaborate on when the ECB will taper the quantitative easing (QE) program. QE is essentially when a central bank pumps money into the economy in a bid to stimulate growth.  As you would expect if Draghi hints to a date in the near future this should provide further strength for the euro.

However the problem I think the ECB have, is that the euro is so strong at present and if the ECB cut the QE program the euro is only going to get stronger which could have a knock on effect on inflation. It would be a disaster for the ECB if the QE program was cut and inflation dropped back below 1%.

Personally I believe the President will continue to keep his cards close to his chest and the event may not spring any surprises. However for euro buyers this week, I would not take the risk and trade some point today or tomorrow morning.

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