Sterling Finally Rallies At The End Of The Week (Ben Fletcher)

The GBP/EUR rate has given cause for celebration as for the first time in a considerable time Sterling has rallied at the end of the week. At the time of writing the rate has rallied to 1.0970 sitting just below the psychological 1.10 barrier. After a rocky day yesterday following the speech from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, the rate has moved back up over a cent from the lows of yesterday.

This morning UK Inflation expectations were reported that there will be a 0.2% increase to 2.8% which still provides hope that if inflation does rise there could be an interest rate hike at the start of 2018. After a fall in inflation a few months back it become clear that a rate hike wasn’t going to happen, however there could be optimism of this once again.

Next week could now see the GBP/EUR rate move above the 1.10 level as soon as Tuesday morning when the latest inflation data is released. If you’re looking to purchase a currency with Sterling you could be able to trade at a multi week high. There will be also be Average Earnings data which is expected to show an improvement for the year on year figure of 0.2%, taking Average Earnings up to 2.3% growth.

In my honest opinion the Sterling boost could be set to continue providing a rare window of opportunity, I would be happy to help you set alerts to make sure you’re trading at your target rates. Please call Ben Fletcher on 01494 725353 to find out more.

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