Swiss Franc to Pound rate getting closer to post-Brexit vote highs, will CHF become even more expensive? (Joseph Wright)

GBPCHF Exchange Rates Reach Highest Levels Since Mid-March

The best time to have converted Swiss Francs into Sterling over the past decade would have been around October of last year, when the fears surrounding the Brexit really begun.

At the time the rate hit the 1.20’s which in the reverse equates to almost 0.83 pence per Swiss Franc, and at the time of writing we’re getting closer to these levels as the current rate is just over 0.80 cents.

Due to the issues between North Korea and Japan/USA there appears to be more of a demand for safe haven currencies such as CHF, as well as commodities such as Gold.

The Pound has also been coming under pressure recently due to both Brexit fears and uncertainty, a potentially high ‘Brexit Bill’ as well as a batch of poor data out of the UK which showed no sign of slowing today after Services PMI data disappointed and fell to a 11-month low.

The reason this figure is significant is because the services sector accounts for around 80% of the UK economy so the performance of the sector is important.

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