Will GBEPUR remain above 1.10?

The pound to Euro rate has risen against the lines of expectation as we witness the UK Inflation level rising which puts pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates. Personally I do no think that the BoE will actually raise rates and tomorrow’s Interest rate decision meeting will be crucial to understanding the likelihood of this happening.

All in all there is an expectation that Inflation will continue to rise and this should put pressure on the Bank to raise interest rates, however I do believe the Bank should be more cautious in their approach since raising interest rates will only pile further pressures on the economy in the longer term. I believe at some point this reality will hit home and the pound will fall back down below 1.10 against the Euro.

It will not just be the weak pound which causes issues the euro is itself very strong. So for example the German election on 24th September is likely to make buying Euros even more expensive as Angela Merkel seeks to establish her and continue her role as the Chancellor of the Eurozone’s powerhouse.

If you need to buy Euros with pounds I think current levels represent a very good opportunity in the short term, many analysts are still predicting that rates could fall below parity and I really would be acting with great care if assuming this will not be the case.

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