Will the pound to Euro rate rise or fall on the German election?

Expectations for the Euro are that it could well rise further on the back of the German election but of course there are no guarantees of what lies around the corner. We did expect the pound would rise on the back of the UK election but it did in fact fall and there is always this kind of element of risk with any political situation no matter how likely or unlikely an outcome is.

Therefore if you are selling Euros and hoping the pound will lose value as the euro rises you might be in for a shock although the Theresa May speech on Friday in Florence Italy might also present some surprises too for clients looking to buy or sell pounds against Euros. Market expectations are focusing on the Brexit bill to be paid and it is this which will be one of the key factors in Theresa May’s speech which will determine what kind of reaction the pound makes.

There is a chance sterling could fall sharply like it did last October but there is also a chance it could rise like January of this year. If you have a transfer to make in the future than these two events are the key factors which will create volatility in the coming week, making some plans in advance is my best suggestion.

GBPEUR could rise as much as 2-3 cents but also drop perhaps 4 cents if the pound has a bad time on Theresa May’s speech whilst the Euro does very well on the back of the German election. If you wish to get some information on the rates and potential trends then please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing [email protected].