Politics likely to continue to be the main driver for GBP/NZD moving forward (Joseph Wright)

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

The Pound had a busy day against all major currency pairs yesterday, after a number of comments from key Brexit personnel as well as Brexit related rumours caused the Pound to move quite drastically.

The 5th round of Brexit talks finished yesterday and there appeared to be mixed evaluations of how they going from the different parties, as Brexit Secretary from the UK, David Davis suggested there had been progress whereas his European counterpart, Michel Barnier stated that the EU is frustrated with the lack of clarity from the UK.

There wasn’t any major economic data releases yesterday yet it was the busiest day of trading for the Pound, almost entirely owing to political commentary.

It’s difficult to determine which way the markets will move next in this type of market, but working on a trading floor means we’re able to react quickly to short term market movements.

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The Pound could move in either direction depending on what’s said at the moment, and as the time for Brexit to negotiate lessens I think the Pound will become more sensitive to comments such as those seen yesterday.

There is no further economic data scheduled for release this week, out of the UK or New Zealand.

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