Pound has its best day against the New Zealand Dollar in 2 years, where to next for the pair? (Joseph Wright)

Although the Pound has been struggling against the majority of major currency pairs in recent weeks, as uncertainty surrounding a number of issues in the UK is putting pressure on the Pound, the trend completely reversed for the GBP/NZD rate yesterday.

The reason behind this move is the uncertainty the new Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has caused as she is the youngest Prime Minister in New Zealand since 1856, and her party wasn’t the outright winner when the election took place around a month ago. She has obtained power through a coalition agreement, and the markets have viewed this move with caution.

The move between the Pound and Kiwi is particularly interesting as Sterling has come under increasing pressure of late, as speculation as to whether the interest rate hike will actually occur next month is building along with Brexit negotiations coming to the forefront of news headlines as talk of a ‘No Deal’ is heating up.

GBP/NZD rates are now almost back to their highest levels of 2017, as the only time the rate was higher was back in May.

Next week there will be a number of news releases that could move the Pounds value, such as GDP and Inflation data out of the UK on Wednesday.

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