Pound makes gains vs the Euro at the end of the week (Tom Holian)

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: The Week Ahead January 22nd

After experiencing a very difficult last few days the Pound vs the Euro has started to make a fightback vs the Euro during this afternoon’s trading session.

With the Europeans discussing what is happening with the Brexit talks things appear to be going better than previously expected. Indeed, European Council President Donald Tusk has suggested that the deadlock has been exaggerated and that ‘doesn’t mean there is no progress at all.’

Various leaders of the European Union have been involved in a two day summit and Tusk has also stated that he will try to be a ‘positive motivator for the next five or six weeks.’

Clearly the Pound has been suffering for most of the year with the uncertainty caused by the Brexit and the likelihood is that things will continue this way for some time to come. The ‘divorce bill’ which is the cost for the UK to leave the European Union has still yet to be decided and as yet we are still none the wiser.

As we go into the final quarter of the year we could get some progress with the discussions but until we agree a figure I think the talks will stall.

The other topic which is likely to have a big effect on the rate to buy or sell Euros with Pounds is the topic of whether or not the Bank of England will look at raising interest rates on 2nd November. The general expectation is that we will see a rate rise owing to inflation recently hitting 3%.

However, with average earnings lagging behind I think a rate hike could cause problems for the British economy and therefore I would not be surprised to see rates kept on hold and as the market expects a hike this could be to the detriment of Sterling.

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy Euros with Pounds it may be worth taking advantage of today’s short term spike.

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