Sterling Euro hits 3 week high after positive UK economic data (Tom Holian)

The Pound vs the Euro is now trading at its best rate to buy Euros in 3 weeks after a very positive week for the British economy and therefore Sterling exchange rates.

The Pound has been boosted by strong UK GDP figures for the third quarter which came out at 0.4% for the quarter compared to the expectation of 0.3%.

This has put more pressure on the Bank of England to look at hiking interest rates at next week’s latest monetary policy meeting. At the moment the chances of a rate hike are currently above 80% and with inflation way above target the central bank have almost been backed into a corner to raise rates next Thursday.

Arguably it could be suggested that the GBPEUR exchange rate has been priced in to next week’s decision and therefore part of the reason for Sterling strength. However, with the Catalan issue also causing uncertainty on the continent this is another reason for the recent bout of Euro weakness.

The European Central Bank have also announced a tapering of their current QE programme down to €30bn per month but the crucial news is that the ECB announced that they are a long way from raising interest rates which has also helped the Pound vs the Euro with rates touching almost 1.13 on the Interbank level.

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