Will the Bank of England raise interest rates in November?

Bank of England Announces Emergency 50bps Rate Cut

In recent weeks sterling exchange rates have been on the charge due to the change in sentiment from the Bank of England. The monetary policy committee headed by Governor Mark Carney have insinuated that an interest rate hike is likely in the near future due to recent economic data, in particular the inflation numbers that were released at 2.9%.

The theory behind it is if the Bank of England raise interest rates then inflation should stop rising as people begin to save and not spend. When a central bank raises interest rates you tend to see investment into that currency and it therefore strengthens and in this case makes buying foreign currency cheaper.

Our regular readers will know that currency fluctuations occur from an actual event but also speculation. This is the reason why the pound is up against most major currencies by 4-6% in the last 4-8 weeks.

Personally I don’t believe interest rates will be hiked this year. Inflation is outpacing wage growth which is putting a strain on the UK publics pocket and an interest rate hike would only make this worse. Couple this with Brexit negotiations appearing to be stalling in my opinion there is to much uncertainty surrounding the pound.

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