Will the Pound start to lose value again? (Daniel Wright)

Sterling exchange rates took a minor hit yesterday, following slightly worse than expected manufacturing figures released in early morning trading.

The next few days will be of key importance for where the Pound heads next, as we will start to see more economic data releases for how the U.K performed throughout September. This morning at 09:30am we have the release of construction data, along with a financial policy committee statement, both at the same time.

Tomorrow morning brings us services data (which makes up a large portion of our growth figures) which is expected to remain fairly stable, any drop off would be seen as a negative for Sterling exchange rates.

I read an interesting article on Bloomberg yesterday surrounding the Pound and many now feel that the positive movement we saw over the past week or two was indeed the interest rate hike (which still is not nailed on) being priced in for November. Should at any point the Bank of England make a U-turn on this rate hike and delay it then we may see Sterling exchange rates drop off rather sharply as the market corrects itself.

One main reason that the Bank of England have started to talk about rate hikes is due to high inflation, since they have spoken about a hike the Pound has gained value which may naturally bring inflation down as goods and services from overseas may become a little cheaper.

If inflation does naturally drop a little then there is a chance the BOE may decide to hold off on a rate hike for a few months just to let the market settle again.

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