Brexit negotiations resume

Pound to Canadian Dollar forecast Brexit remains in Limbo

Today UK and EU officials met in Brussels for the next round of Brexit negotiations. It is being reported that including this round there are another two rounds of negotiations to go before the end of the year and Michel Barnier has warned that ‘time is pressing’ to on the three key issues which are, EU citizens rights, the divorce bill and the Northern Ireland Border.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has tried to calm the markets this evening by announcing the exact time the UK will depart the EU will be added EU withdrawal bill and written into law to stop Conservative rebels and other MPs trying to attempt to block Brexit.

The Prime Minister is under pressure at the moment due to 2 Conservative MPs resigning over the last 14 days. Firstly defence secretary Michel Fallon and now International Secretary Priti Patel. With an already fragile Conservative Government, rumours are emerging that a vote of no confidence could happen and Theresa May could lose her position as Prime Minister. M not convinced but nevertheless the pound remains under pressure.

Looking ahead, expect large swings short term off the back of Brexit developments in the weeks to come. Personally I am optimistic that the UK are securing a deal in regards to EU citizens rights which should provide strength for the pound. 

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