GBP EUR Rates Fall on Political Uncertainty

ECB interest rates and Brexit update

The pound has dropped sharply in afternoon trade with rates for GBP EUR falling to a low of 1.1136. The edited documents in British politics which highlight the impact on Brexit on 58 different sectors appear to have been watered down for other politicians to view in an attempt to try and keep certain elements which are commercially sensitive out of the public domain.

There have now been suggestions from the Labour party that the government could be in contempt of parliament if it refuses to release all details in the reports. This news is yet another issue for this government which is having to tread very carefully with everything going on in this Brexit negotiation and is weighing on sterling exchange rates.

With a stalemate in negotiations between Britain and the EU the markets now look forward to the EU summit in December which could see a hugely volatile period for GBP EUR rates. If the deadlock is broken then there could be a great opportunity to buy Euros. The risk remains however that there could be a no deal and this would likely see the pound tumble sharply which could help anyone looking to sell Euros.

EU data sees consumer confidence numbers tomorrow ahead of the eagerly awaited inflation and unemployment data on Thursday. The EU has suffered with low inflation for almost a decade but this year has managed to see a pick up in the numbers which is helping the Euro make a recovery. A strong number here will only help cement the view that the European Central Bank is coming to an end of its loose monetary policy which should help support the Euro further.

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