GBPEUR spikes above 1.13

Overnight key Brexit developments have been made and euro buyers have reaped the rewards with exchange rates spiking from the lower 1.11s to the lower 1.13s. Reports are suggesting that the UK has offered €50bn as a divorce settlement which equates approximately to £44bn. No agreement has been made however it appears that the EU have welcomed the figure which in my eyes is a break through in the Brexit negotiations.

In recent weeks the amount of euros the UK would pay the EU as a divorce settlement has been the sticking point. Early this year the UK were suggesting they wouldn’t pay a penny to leave the EU and the EU wanted €100bn. It just shows developments have been made.

The next question is what next? This development shows quite clearly that the UK and EU want to eventually come to an agreement and I am optimistic that this will eventually happen. However the Irish border could be the next sticking point as Northern Ireland have stated they do not want a hard border.

On the 14th and 15 of December the EU will decide whether trade negotiations can begin. If enough progression has been made I expect the pound could continue to rise against the euro.

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