Pound to Euro rate improves after German PM Merkel’s future looks uncertain! (Joseph Wright)

Pound to Euro Forecast - Leadership Contest Drives GBP/EUR Rate Lower

The Euro dropped in value today after Germany, the engine room of the EU is currently facing a political crises with many political commentators calling it the biggest crises of current Angela Merkel’s tenure.

Late on Sunday exploratory talks broke down between her Christian Democrats, Bavaria’s Christian Social Union and the Liberal Free Democrats broke down, ruling out an obvious path for Merkel to form a coalition government.

With German coalition talks collapsing it’s not surprising to see the Euro fall, as political uncertainty tends to weigh on the underlying currency.

An issue for the UK moving forward may be a pause to Brexit negotiations due to Merkel’s issue, but as it stands the GBP/EUR rate has benefited from the headline grabbing story.

At the same time the Pound opened the week strongly against all major currency pairs after speculation regarding the UK’s Brexit Bill continues. The current rumours suggest that the bill will increase to £38bn and the Pound has been boosted off the back of this news as if it’s true, it may clear the path for Brexit negotiations to progress.

If you’re following the GBP/EUR pair because you have an upcoming currency requirement involving the pair, feel free to get in touch and register your interest.

This week the Autumn Budget will take place so there could be movement, so this event is certainty worth watching.

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