Selling Euros – GBP EUR Drops Below 1.12

Pound to Euro Exchange Rate with UK Election Heating Up

The pound remains on the back foot after yesterday’s market crash for sterling which saw rates for GBP EUR drop by almost 2%. GBP EUR is now trading at levels below 1.12 for this pair which has presented those clients looking to sell Euros with a surprise opportunity to convert. Normally an interest rate increase from the Bank of England would generally have the effect of helping strengthen the pound.

In this rare case however the pound dropped like a stone as a result of the bank suggesting that interest rates would only be raised another two times over the next three years. This was a major disappointment to the markets which resulted in the substantial drop for GBP EUR.

Buying or selling Euros?

Both British and Spanish politics will also have a major impact on the price of sterling in the coming weeks. The Catalonian situation is likely to continue to be a hot potato for the Spanish government with mass protests expected in the streets of Catalonia. Eight regional ministers who were sacked when Madrid imposed direct rule appeared in court yesterday accused of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds and so protesters are expected to take to the streets. Meanwhile the ousted leader Carles Puidgemont did not appear before the Spanish courts and a European arrest warrant is expected to be issued. It could be the start of a long process when lawyers are involved and could see added pressure on the Euro.

The ongoing Brexit negotiations will of course continue to be a major driving force for the pound and any signs of further tension between Britain and the EU in these negotiations will only add to the uncertainty for the pound. Anyone with a requirement to either buy or sell Euros would be wise to make contact sooner rather than later and look at the options available to take the risk out of it.

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