Will GBPCHF remain above 1.30?

GBPCHF Strengthens on News That COVID-19 Spread Appears to Be Slowing

GBPCHF has has a very volatile few weeks, principally as a result of the latest UK interest rate decision which has seen some big shifts on the exchange rate. Most clients looking to buy and sell the Franc for pound have tried to capitalise on the favourable swings we have seen before and after the result. Risk sentiment and attitudes towards the global economy remain a driver on the GBPCHF which despite sterling’s weakness since yesterday, remains at some of the best levels since before the Referendum.

The pound will now remain at the mercy of the latest negotiations on Brexit with the rise and fall in expectations of the attractiveness of the deal, to the UK, remaining the main driver on the rates. If you have a transfer to make in the future than understanding the market in advance can make your life much easier as you attempt to finalise the best time in the market to enter into an arrangement.

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