Best time to buy Swiss Francs with Pounds since Brexit (Tom Holian)

Brexit vote to dominate Pound to Swiss Franc exchange rates

The Pound has now hit its best rate to buy Swiss Francs since the Brexit vote in June 2016 as the Pound has really improved following the positive news surrounding the latest Brexit topic.

Rumours are increasing that the UK are trying to agree figures with the EU with the divorce bill of approximately €50bn and if this can be agreed at some point we could see further gains for Sterling exchange rates against all major currencies including vs the Swiss Franc.

The sticking point however is the ongoing saga of what will happen with the Irish border, which is still far from being agreed.

Clearly the North and South do not want to have a physical border but this must be agreed in order for the talks to progress.

In a fortnight’s time the next EU summit is due to be held and if the talks improve I think we could see a very positive end to the year for the Pound vs the Swiss Franc.

On Wednesday Swiss Inflation data is due to be released and this is likely to affect what the Swiss central bank will do with monetary policy going into 2018 so this event is likely to cause a lot of volatility during the course of next week but overall I think it will be the Brexit topic which will be the key catalyst for exchange rate movement between the Pound and the Swiss Franc.

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