What can we expect next on GBPCHF rates?

Pound to Swiss Franc forecast Investors flock to the CHF will the Swiss National Bank curb demand for the Franc?

The pound has not been performing exceptionally well following a very positive run of form. Today we had the latest Inflation data which has shown the rate of Inflation increasing for the UK but since the market believes it has probably peaked, we will in fact probably see the pound lower against the Franc in the future. GBPCHF did hit 1.3461 in the peak times last week but now we have dropped back to 1.32’s.

If you need to buy Francs in the future then getting the right rate is important to maximise the position. Expectations are for the pound to rise further in the coming weeks as we get closer to the UK – EU deal being finalised. This could happen as early as Thursday although it might be next week before the dust settles.

The Franc has been weaker too lately as risk sentiments globally shift across the currency markets. Investors are much more confident about the global economy and the eagerly awaiting the latest news of further improvements. In such a scenario the Franc which is a traditional safe-haven currency will prosper. The currency markets will see reactions according to the different trends we see, the Franc as a safe haven currency will weaken as confidence improves. If there is any concern, however, over how investors feel about global risk sentiments and attitudes then the Franc will strengthen.

If you have a transfer to make buying or selling the Franc against the pound then there are some major economic releases coming up this week to move the markets. As well as a commercial rate of exchange we can also  Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you and assisting with any transactions or situation you wish to discuss.

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