Pound to Swiss Franc rate trading around post-Brexit vote highs, will the trend continue? (Joseph Wright)

The rate for exchanging Pounds into Swiss Francs is now trading well into the 1.32’s, which are the highest levels seen since the Pound fell dramatically in the wake of the Brexit vote which shocked the global markets.

Now that global markets appear to be recovering which is underlined by rising interest rates in a number of developed nations, currencies such as the Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen which are considered safe haven currencies have begun to soften.

This is because investors no longer fear holding funds outside of safe haven currencies and products, and as a result we’re seeing the Swiss Franc lose value so this explains why the GBP/CHF rate is improving.

Sterling on the other hand has been buoyed recently due to improved sentiment surrounding the UK economy moving forward, as hopes of a Brexit Bill being agreed are high with many expecting them to have been finalised earlier this week.

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