Euro remains strong against the Pound but for how long (Tom Holian)

GBP EUR Rebounds on UK Employment Figures

The Pound vs the Euro has been trading in a very tight range during the course of this week as the markets return for their first full week back since the start of the year.

It appears as though the currency markets are waiting for their first big move of the year and with the Brexit negotiations not due until March the Pound could remain under a lot of pressure for the next two months.

Economic data has been mixed and we have seen Sterling move up one day and then down the next and not yet settled in one direction or another.

The Euro has once again broken the 1.20 Interbank level against the US Dollar which is the highest the currency pair has been in a very long time which highlights how strong the single currency is at the moment.

Tomorrow afternoon could see the Euro end the week with a lot of movement as the US releases its latest set of inflation data in the afternoon.

Inflation is a key indicator as to which way a central bank may move interest rates so if you’re in the process of making a currency transfer involving Euros then keep a close eye out on tomorrow’s announcement.

US Retail Sales are also due to be published and like with inflation, I think we could see a lot of volatility at the end of this week.

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