GBPCAD close to reaching 12 month high!

GBPCAD Rates: Lack of Faith in the Pound Highlighted by Oil Crisis?

In recent weeks the GBPCAD exchange rates have continued to climb proving opportunity for Canadian dollar buyers, however I expect exchange rates could get better in the weeks to come.

NAFTA negotiations began on Tuesday in Montreal and the initial reaction is that the negotiations have actually started well which is a surprise. However the underlining issue is that US President Donald Trump wants to modernise the NAFTA agreement or remove the US. Mr Trumps theory is that the manufacturing sector in the US is under performing due to the cheap labour in Mexico. Even though negotiations have gone well I expect the Canadian dollar to remain under severe pressure.

The pound has been performing well of late due to recent economic data releases. Forecasters are suggesting that the numbers are exceeding expectation due to global growth coupled with a slight change in sentiment surrounding Brexit.

Yesterday average earnings numbers exceeded expectation which is a surprise as the Bank of England predictions are for further falls. Also Angela Merkel announced yesterday at Davos that she wants the UK and EU to have a strong relationship after Brexit which explains the spike for sterling against all major currencies.

If I was holding onto Canadian dollars and needed to buy sterling, I would look to trade now and not take the risk of waiting, as I believe it is a matter of time until the UK secures a trade deal with the EU.

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