Sterling continues to climb as hopes of a transitional deal continue to mount (Joseph Wright)

Pound Sterling Recovers Against Euro but Brexit Talks Expected to Limit GBP

The Pound has rallied across the board of major currency pairs once again today, as fears surrounding the Brexit and the UK economy do appear to be waning, at least for now anyway.

One notable trade level the Pound has reached is an impressive 1.3836 against the US Dollar, which was hit earlier today and is the highest GBP/USD mid-market level since June the 24th of 2016 which is a date I’m sure many readers recognise (Brexit referendum).

With Sterling having recovered back to these levels against the US Dollar it’s boosting sentiment surrounding the Pound, and Sterling has recovered back to pre-Brexit levels against some major currencies such as NZD which has also caught the eye of those making transfers involving the Pound.

Unemployment is predicted to fall further in the UK this year and hopes of a smooth transitional deal during the years after the Brexit actually takes place is also boosting sentiment surrounding the UK economy and therefore, the Pound.

There has been some positive PR for the Pound recently too, as Coutts, the 300-year-old British private bank has announced that one of their own investment strategies is to bet on the Pound strengthening against the US Dollar, Euro and the Japanese Yen.

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