Swiss franc losing ground against Sterling at a rapid pace Swiss Franc also shown as overvalued in the Big Mac index

GBP to CHF remains buoyant at higher levels over the week

We have recently seen quite a movement for the Swiss Franc against the Pound, mainly down to a wave of positive vibes around brexit and how the economy is performing post the referendum.

Many analysts had thought that the U.K economy would have been hit a lot harder following the vote from the U.K to leave the EU however at present the dip that they had expected has been nowhere near as severe.

The Swiss Franc is performing fairly well against other major currencies, hitting the highest level against the Dollar since August 2015 in a battle of the safer haven currencies.

There is still the argument that the Swiss Franc is still overvalued and I tend to agree, it has benefited greatly by global issues over the last ten years and still remains high on the list for investors seeking a safer haven, however with many economies around the globe now starting to pick up I wonder if the run for the Swiss Franc may be over, assuming we do not see any other big surprises.

We have recently seen the release of the Big Mac index, a jovial measure created by the Economist which will study the cost of a Big Mac around the globe, Switzerland came in at the most expensive and their analysts looking across the scores came to the conclusion that this suggests the Swiss Franc is roughly 28% overvalued.

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