Bank of England Meeting and UK GDP Estimate – Impact on the value of the Pound vs the Euro (Tom Holian)

The Pound has been trading in a relatively tight range during the course of the week against the Euro moving between 1.12-1.13s levels.

Even though there was a huge fall on the global stock markets earlier this week the Pound briefly fell against the US Dollar and is now back up to prior to the crash and the Pound is currently at 1.13 against the Euro at the time of writing.

The Bank of England are due to meet tomorrow to announce their latest monetary policy decision and although there is little to no chance of an interest rate change anytime in the near future any mention of this could see a lot of movement for Sterling exchange rates during tomorrow afternoon.

UK inflation is still much higher than the central bank wants it to be and the typical remedy used is to look at raising interest rates which is what happened towards the end of last year when the Bank of England raised rates to pre-referendum levels. If inflation continues to remain high I think the Bank of England will be left with little choice but to raise interest rates and this would typically boost the value of Sterling against all major currencies.

We end the week on Friday with UK Trade Balance figures as well as Industrial and Manufacturing data so if we see some positive news surrounding a future rate hike combined with some strong figures from the UK economy then we could see Sterling end the week higher against the Euro providing some good short term opportunities to buy Euros with Pounds.

We also have the release of the latest NIESR GDP estimate for the last three months on Friday afternoon and although this is not official it is usually very accurate so make sure you keep a close eye out on the data towards the end of this week.

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