Further positive news likely to boost the Pound, pushing GBP/NZD through 1.90 (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate has been hovering around the 1.90 mark recently, and dipping both below and above this mark as the pair appear to be trying to find direction.

Sterling has been buoyed over the past couple of days after a rare win in Brexit negotiations after news broke that the European Union has dropped a draft negotiating clause implying that the UK would be punished for breaking EU rules during the transitional period.

Positive news for UK, especially in regards to how the Brexit is likely to pan out is likely to remain the biggest influence of GBP exchange rates. I think that we could see GBP/NZD consolidate above 1.90 if the conditions of the transitional deal are agreed on before the EU summit towards the end of next month, but there could certainly be a bumpy ride in the meantime depending on what’s said.

Next week there is a busy week scheduled for UK data with inflation figures and GDP data likely to have a bearing on the Pounds direction.

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