GBP EUR Falls on Weaker Unemployment Data

GBP EUR Consolidates Ahead of Key Economic Data

The pound has slipped from the spike seen yesterday after UK unemployment surprised the markets with a weaker headline figure. Rates for GBP EUR are currently sitting at 1.1330 for the pair having fallen lower after the headline UK unemployment figure rose to 4.4% from 4.3%. Unemployment unexpectedly rose from in the last quarter and represents the sharpest increase in the headline figure for almost five years. Although unemployment is still extremely healthy it is still a sign that there the economy is seeing some small cracks emerging and the fear is that economic growth may start to falter. It also lends support to the view that the Bank of England may not be so keen to raise interest rates which it signalled last week.

The pound had see a good jump higher on the back of Brexit comments suggesting the EU would be prepared to look at an exclusive arrangement for single market access although any gains gave proven limited.

UK Gross Domestic product figures are released tomorrow morning and could create even more volatility for sterling exchange rates. Any drop in the numbers is likely to be seen as negative for the British economy and hence the price of sterling. The important numbers are released at 09:30 and any clients looking to buy Euros or sell Euros would be wise to be in touch around the event to avoid potential disappointment.

The Euro is also likely to see major volatility on the back of the ongoing German political situation. A vote by members of the Social Democratic party will be eagerly awaited and could see the Euro react if there is no agreement on the formation of the grand coalition.

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