GBP/EUR up as the week closes – Sterling gets a small lift

GBP/EUR exchange rates remain in a tight range, Sterling just about winning the week so far

GBP/EUR exchange rates ended the week on a high as news throughout the week suggested that talks both within Britain and outside of it appear to be going well and progressing reasonably.

Any positive news on Brexit can give Sterling a lift, even if nothing has actually happened just yet the mere speculation of good news does appear to help the Pound.

Unemployment figures earlier in the week had led to a little Sterling weakness but the Pound fought back as the week  neared an end. Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney remained fairly hawkish (or Positive) in his tone when discussing the U.K economy and the chance of interest rate hikes for the U.K in the coming months.

It is now expected that there may be an interest rate hike in the U.K as early as May, and should speculation of this continue then I would expect to see the Pound continue to rise in the coming weeks.

As mentioned above however Brexit news does still create the possibility of a slip should there be any negative release so this really is a market that you need to keep[ a very close eye on at all times.

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