Swiss economic data coming up next week

Sterling breaks 1.30 against the Swiss Franc

Following a reasonably quiet week so far for the Swiss Franc we have plenty more for investors and speculators alike to get their teeth into next week.

On Monday morning we have Employment levels for the final quarter of 2018, any deviation from the previous figure of 4.956M may lead to a volatile start to the week for the Swiss Franc.

Wednesday morning brings a trio of economic releases, with UBS consumption figures due out first and foremost,  this is an indicator of private consumption trends and covers numerous components from the retail sector, the figure will confirm performance in January and a positive figure will result in Strength for the Swiss Franc, yet a negative one may lead to it dropping off.

Later that morning we have some KOF indications which measures overall economic activity and later in the day the ZEW survey measuring business and economic conditions too.

Thursday will be the most important day for those with a Swiss Franc exchange to make, with GDP (Growth) figures, Retail sales and Purchasing managers index all coming out over the course of the morning’s trading.

Personally I feel it will take quite a lot of negative news to dent the Swiss Franc by too much, but should this data be particularly poor then the Swiss Franc could still have a bad week.

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