Where next for GBPEUR exchange rates?

GBP EUR Looks to Employment Figures for Support

The market is looking more favourable for the pound lately but unfortunately for Euro buyers with sterling, this is not being reflected on the rates with better higher levels. This is because the Euro is stronger too, today we reconfirmed that Eurozone growth numbers have hit the best in a decade.

General expectations are for the pound to continue to perform better, particularly on the likelihood of an interest rate hike in May for the UK. The real question is will it be enough to outperform the expectations on the Euro. Improving economic conditions are linked to the global economy recovering which will see potentially both the UK and Eurozone enjoying better numbers.

Big news left this week is the UK’s Retail Sales figures on Friday which will highlight the performance of consumer behaviour in the UK, this is a key driver on the UK economy and could see some movement on GBPEUR exchange rates. If you are considering a transfer buying or selling the pound against the Euro then the Euro will continue to be an expensive currency to be betting against!

We offer a range of options to secure your currency that will ensure you limit your exposure to these volatile markets which can change suddenly and without warning. Keeping in touch with the latest news is the best way to mitigate the uncertainty, we offer a specialist system to update our clients on the news that will alter their rates.

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