Will the Canadain dollar continue to fall?

Pound to Dollar Rate Pushed Higher by Risk-on Mood

In recent months the Candadian dollar has been under severe pressure due to the ongoing NAFTA negotiations and in recent weeks the fall in global stock markets. A fall in global stock markets has meant that the price of oil has also fallen which has put pressure on the Canadian dollar as oil is Canada’s most lucrative export.

The Canadian dollar has now lost most of the gains created from the second half of 2017, due to the interest rate hikes from the Bank of Canada, which were a surprise to most. Personally I expect the Canadian dollar will remain under pressure for the time being until the market understands US President Donald Trump’s position surrounding NAFTA.

In regards to interest rates, it’s likely that they will remain on hold at 1.25% for the foreseeable future as the central bank will want to monitor borrowing costs and the strength of the loonie. It’s all well and good that businesses buying goods and services thrive with a strong Canadian dollar however  importers struggle with an overvalued Canadian dollar and so does the tourism industry.

Ultimately if you are involved in Canadian dollar transfers, watching how the NAFTA negotiations develop along with analyzing the other currency that you will be converting is your best option.

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