A quiet week of data for Sterling exchange rates – Why not use this week to revise who you use for foreign currency

GBP EUR Starts the Week with 1.1800 Test

Much like every household bill it always pays to check up on the company you are using from time to  time, and this is the same when using a foreign currency brokerage.

Many have now shifted clients to their online platforms which can result in lower exchange rates, some currency brokers out there may take advantage of your loyalty, we have had clients get in touch with us that have been using other brokers for years but have found the more comfortable they have got with them the more their rates have tended to slip.

Here at Pound Sterling Forecast we do not only offer up to date, interesting market information and opinions but all the writers on this site also work for one of the largest currency brokerages in the U.K. We can help people in most locations around the world move money from one bank account to another, at an extremely competitive price quickly, efficiently and with the very highest levels of customer service too.

We aim to help clients tailor a game plan for their purchases and go that extra mile for clients in this current day and age where many companies just treat you as a number.

If for example you are buying or selling an overseas property, the timing of when you book out your rate can make the difference of thousands of pounds, and we aim to help give you all the information you need to make the right decision, along with the very best rate when you have decided you would like to book out your currency .

If you are in the position where you may need our services in the coming days, weeks or months then it is really simple to get in touch to obtain more information or a free quote. You can email me (Daniel Wright) the creator of this site on [email protected] and I will be more than happy to assist you going forward. I have worked at this company for over 10 years now and would be glad to add you to my current client list.