Is the Pound going to continue to come under pressure this month? (Joseph Wright)

Sterling exchange rates are currently trading towards the lower end of their current ranges in most cases.

It’s been quite a difficult year for Sterling so far, which is understandable when we consider how Brexit transitional talks are expected to be agreed shortly but as of yet we have no news.

There is an EU summit in Brussels on the 22/23rd of this month and the arrangements surrounding the transitional agreement between the UK and the EU is expected to be arranged by then. Should there be no movement despite a number of keys talks taking place this month both between UK-EU negotiators and the Conservative party behind closed doors, I think we could see Sterling hit new lows against most major currency pairs. GBP/EUR is already close to consolidating in the 1.11’s and GBP/USD is also below 1.40 now.

Over the past week talk of the UK’s financial services sector being relocated has heated up, and owing to the fact that the UK’s financial services surplus with the EU is greater than £20bn I’m expecting to see this topic continue to be discussed. Should there be concerns from major institutions regarding the lack of clarity over the UK’s position post Brexit, I think that we could see the Pound lose value.

If you would like to be notified in the event of GBP spiking suddenly in either direction, do feel free to register your interest with me.

Tomorrow morning there will be economic news releases in the form of Industrial and Manufacturing Production figures, with both releases at 9.30am. Improvements are expected on the previous figures but do expect to see the Pound soften if the data disappoints.

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