NZD gains off the back of Trump – Kim Jong Un meeting news (Joseph Wright)

The New Zealand Dollar has benefited from the surprising news that US President, Donald Trump is now prepared to meet North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un possibly before May.

The NZD along with the Australian Dollar has softened at times of increases tensions between the two leaders over the last year, due to uncertainty in the region. The boost to the Kiwi’s value is understandable as the news is considered a positive for the NZD’s value moving forward.

As it stands Kim Jong Un has offered to stop nuclear testing in the meantime, which is another positive for the region and I think we could see further strength for the Kiwi if the talks are successful.

It’s a quiet week for economic data out of New Zealand next week with Monday likely to be the busiest day for NZD exchange rates, at least of the back of New Zealand data anyway.

At 9.45pm UK time next week there will be the Food Price Index figures for February. The previous month’s figure was 1.2% meaning the cost of food is increasing in New Zealand. Expect any major deviations from this figure to potentially result in movement for NZD pairs.

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