Sterling hits best rate to buy Swiss Francs since the EU referendum

The Pound has started the week off on a very positive note vs the Swiss Franc breaking past 1.34 which is close to the highest rate to buy Swiss Francs since the EU referendum vote back in June 2016.

The Swiss Franc is often used as a safe haven currency but with the US having raised interest rates last week it appears as though global investors are moving away from the Swiss Franc and into alternative currencies.

The Pound has also had a very good run in part triggered by the good news surrounding the transitional deal which the UK managed to secure during last week.

The UK’s Brexit Secretary David Davis has said that a deal with the EU is ‘incredibly probable’ and this has also helped to strengthen the value of the Pound.

There is still an issue surrounding what is happening with the Irish border but Davis has gone on record to say that a solution would be ‘much, much easier’ in order to agree a free trade and customs agreement.

Although not technically in the Eurozone whatever happens in the continent will often affect the value of the Swiss Franc so it will be interesting to see what happens with the Industrial and Consumer Confidence data due out tomorrow morning.

The Eurozone has been performing relatively well recently so another positive release could see GBPCHF exchange rates fall during tomorrow’s trading session.

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