The next week could be crucial for GBP exchange rates moving forward

Pound to Dollar Forecast: Brexit Talks Hang in the Balance

The Pound has been trading flatly for the last few weeks, with the Pound to Euro rate having its least eventful week in over two-years last week.

Some economists believe this could be the calm before the storm as over the next week we’re likely find out a lot more about the UK-EU trade negotiations. Markets are especially awaiting news on the transitional deal which is expected to be cleared up by the time of the EU summit in Brussels on the 22nd to 23rd of this month.

There could be movement for GBP exchange rates in either direction depending on how the markets receive the news, and I think that the Northern Irish border situation could be a sticking point. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond was quite bullish in his Spring Statement earlier this week and highlighted the improved forecasts for the UK economy moving forward. Whilst issues such as wage growth are beginning to pick up there are issues outside of the UK’s economic performance that could result in the weakening of Sterling, such as the border issue as well as the UK’s access to the single market and how it will navigate the customs union.

There isn’t any economic data out of the UK before the weekend so I expect GBP exchange rates to continue to be driven by politics. Next week on the other hand is expected to be very busy so do feel free to register your interest if you wish to updated in the event of a major market movement.

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