Will the Pound maintain its strong levels against the Swiss Franc? (Tom Holian)

The Swiss Franc has continued to remain above 1.30 on the Interbank level during the course of this week even though the Pound is currently under a lot of pressure against a number of different currencies.

Indeed, Sterling is now trading at its lowest level against the Euro in 3 months as the political uncertainty continues to weigh heavily on Sterling exchange rates.

The Swiss Franc has weakened against the Pound as the US has suggested that there could be up to potentially 4 interest rate hikes during the course of this year and therefore investors are looking at moving money away from the safe haven of the Swiss Franc and into the US economy.

We end the week with a number of different UK economic data releases with both Industrial and Manufacturing data due to be released.

This will cover January and with the Brexit uncertainty dominating what is happening to Sterling at the moment if the figures come out lower than expected we could see GBPCHF exchange rate drift below 1.30 for the first time this week.

At the same time the latest UK Trade Balance figures are also released and this will indicate how much confidence there is in the UK economy as it will provide evidence of how much is coming in from overseas.

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